Weekend Specials

Fresh PEI
Mussels 2LB


50 Ct Little
Neck Clams


Lobster Roll Kit:
1lb Fresh Picked Claw &
Knuckle Lobster Meat,
4 Split New England Rolls


2 lb Snow
Crab Legs
Lobster Mac and
Cheese Kit:
1# Fresh Claw and
Knuckle Lobster Meat,
1LB Calamarata Pasta,
1 LB Sharp White Cheddar,
1 LB Butter,
24oz Italian Bread Crumbs


1 lb Cedar Plank Salmon
25 Ct Fresh Raw
Big Rock Oyster
Seafood Soup for Two:
20 oz Shrimp & Roasted
Corn Chowder,
2 Each 8 oz Bread Boule


Seafood items must be pre-ordered. Ordering will end at noon on Friday October 2nd. Pickup will be Saturday October 3rd, from 10am to 2pm.

What Do Our Customers Say?

We take great pride in our customer relationships. That goes for the restaurant owners & friends, as well as the public consumer looking to feed their family. So when one of our restaurant friends speaks up to help our friendly shoppers during the Covid-19 crisis, we like to promote it.

See what AnnMarie Nelms, Chef / Owner of THEA says about The Marketplace at John Gross.

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What’s for Dinner?

It’s 3 O’Clock and you need to figure out what to feed the family! What do you do? The Marketplace at John Gross is the perfect destination where you can purchase “RESTAURANT QUALITY” foods, direct. Choose from countless options that feed a family of 4 for less than $25!

And, when you have more plates to fill, we're the perfect source for special events, catering, weddings, churches or cooking for large holiday gatherings. Whatever the need, the answer lies within our huge wholesale warehouse right next door.

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